To Do cards that work WITH your cognitive load and WON't fatigue your willpower

Today I will...

These deceptively simple cards were designed after substantial research into willpower and cognitive load: they are offline (so as to avoid distractions), they are disposable (so as to avoid reminders of tasks not completed), they focus on a small number of tasks (so as to not overwhelm the user), they let the user attribute priority (so as to help the user focus), they require writing things down (which has been proven to increase memorability) and they use language to frame tasks in an achievable light.

Breaking tasks down into manageable segments and internally-framing them as achievable is the most effective means of completing them: "Today I will eat two pieces of fruit but I will not eat any cake" is a world away from "I should really go on a diet", "Today i will write 500 words but I will not go on Facebook" is very different than "I'll write that book someday". 


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