EF Lonely Cities: a Valentines event where people 'speed date' cities

EF Lonely Cities

The brief: to create an event to encourage existing names to visit an EF office and hear about EF language travel destinations. The event had to be scaleable, be cheap to run, be fun, be run without any development resources, be appropriate for up to 52 countries and be Valentines themed without being romantic.

The solution: Speed Dating Cities. Names were invited to the event through emails, Facebook ads, brochure-inserts and personally-addressed postcards; when at the event they would go through a series of talks with EF salespeople and previous customers, each formatted as a timed 'date' with a particular city.

To incentivise people a scaleable prize draw was devised: each market would print off a prize sheet and insert it into a chocolate box: the user would reveal their prize by choosing and removing a chocolate. Each 'prize' was something that the salesperson could distribute already but the dynamic was created to create a sense o urgency and to be thematically appropriate.

The team: Art Direction: Jon McKenna, Copywriting: Michael Kirwan, Design: Tim Ames.

EF Lonely Cities: a Valentines event where people 'speed date' cities

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