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Promotional design for the EF Online Language Test

EF Language Test

The brief: to promote the EF Online Language Test by creating a wide-ranging promotion that could be applied to emails, social media ads, academic fairs and street actions in 52 different countries. 

The solution: turn everything into a question in the language test. The promotion was made to look like the test's interface, with each product being a single question in a sequence: from stickers (used to attach to - and subvert - other branding), to magazine wraps (used to entice recipients with free gifts of professional magazines) to beer mats (used to brand bars that are frequented by working professionals): every piece was designed to rebrand locations into a physical version of the language test.

The team: Art Direction: Jon McKenna, Copywriting: Michael Kirwan, Design: Tim Ames.

Promotional design for the EF Online Language Test

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