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"Script" Branding

This is the first of three proposals. Each one is intended to come at the problems of the brand from a different direction but, as they are only first-round proposals, they are intended to be the start of a path, not it's end.

I had noticed in the company's existing branding a coldness that was very inappropriate for what they were selling: this was created by using washed out colours, an unpleasant sans-serif font and a strangely impersonal approach to the relationship with the customer.

This proposal was to create a livelier brand and a more personal way of engaging with the customer. 

One of three first-round proposals for a family lifestyle brand, by Mister Ames


"Icons" Branding

One of the key problems I had identified wth the brand was the difficulty in describing it: how best to encapsulate a brand that sells clothes, woollen items, jewellery, homewares, cards and many others - all designed and produced by a single brand?

I had additionally noticed that it took far too many steps on their website to communicate whether or not a product was the right size for its recipient (as they sell products for parents, babies and children from 1 to 10 years old).

For these reasons this proposal was based on communicating quickly, clearly (and with a sense of humour) the age-range and usage of the products. 

One of three first-round proposals for a family lifestyle brand, by Mister Ames


"Scandinavian" Proposal

In early meetings the client had often mentioned the Scandinavian aesthetic was a strong influence on their products; so my third proposal used flat colours (the palette was derived from the colours in their most iconic product), simple patterns and strong, sans-serif fonts (softened with rounded and alternative letterforms).  

One of the additional points I discussed with the client was packaging: one of the main selling points of the brand is its green credentials (using natural fibres, organic ingredients and local manufacturers) and yet all their product came packaged in plastic and with little thought taken to presentation. In my proposals I suggested the use of natural and greener alternatives: such as belly-bands, cardboard boxes and fabric bags.

One of three first-round proposals for a family lifestyle brand, by Mister Ames

Social Media analysis

As part of my analysis of the existing brand I created a 54 page social media primer for the company; this document covered such topics as: automated cross-posting, the difference between implied and express consent in photo posting, URL tracking, live-streaming and the legal requirements when sending emails.

The document can be read here.

Social media analysis photo
Social media analysis photo


I created two wireframes for the company: both organised the products in new, more effective ways (which I discovered through creating a full product matrix) and based on a pre-discussed hierarchy of selling products, telling the companies story and promoting their social media channels.

The full wireframes can be seen here and here.  

Wireframe photo
Wireframe photo

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